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Car Accident / Whiplash Injury To Neck

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I was in a car accident about 10 years ago injuring my neck, jaw and back which caused a great deal of pain. I tried 3 other chiropractors; some were good at neck adjustments, but not back adjustments, and visa-versa with the other doctors. Dr. Craig is excellent at ALL adjustments. I have had an immense reduction in the severity and episodes of pain. He is gentle and never forces an adjustment. For those TMJ sufferers, Dr. Craig is excellent at neck adjustments without touching the jaw - Very important.

Hamstring Injury While Playing Soccer

I visited Dr. Craig for a hamstring injury I picked up playing soccer. I've had slight injuries to various leg muscles in the past and knew resting up for several weeks was the only cure. This time when I pulled the muscle, I knew it was bad enough for a month or two lay off. I first called Dr. Craig and explained the issue, and he was very accommodating to my schedule. His office was very calm, peaceful and inviting. It was also conveniently located, just to the east of the Morrison Bridge. He took a very detailed medical history and explained everything he was going to do to examine my injury. The first session involved a little back adjustment (for a pre-existing issue) and some deep tissue massage and ultrasound work. The next appointment, less than a week later, was more of the same as well as increased stretching of the muscle. He also used Kinesio (aka magic) tape on my muscle and explained all the benefits of the tape. By the third appointment my leg was feeling almost perfect and he had increased the stretching angles on both my legs beyond what I was able to do before my injury. By the final appointment, less then 4 weeks after the initial injury, I was back playing, several weeks ahead of what I had initially thought. Dr. Craig was very welcoming and professional throughout each visit, always taking the time to explain each treatment he was about do. He also gave me some detailed stretching exercises which have helped my overall movement on the field. I have recommended him to team-mates, friends and co-workers, and will continue to do so.

Low Back Injury

I visited Dr. Craig when I pulled a muscle in my lower back and it started to spasm. Even though I was a new patient, Dr. Craig stayed open late the same day I called him so I could get help ASAP. I was in pain when I saw him and afraid that the spasm would get worse. Dr. Craig was very patient and reassuring. He took my medical history, ran a couple of painless tests to see how bad the problem was, and made a slight adjustment. Even the slight adjustment helped -- I still wasn't as flexible/mobile as normal, but I was able to move without going into a back spasm. Dr. Craig was able to fit me into his schedule a couple of days later for another adjustment, which also helped tremendously. In just four treatments over the course of a few weeks, I felt fine -- no back pain or limitations at all. Dr. Craig is very professional, personable, patient, and kind. His office is in a convenient location and is very clean and comforting. I was really nervous to see a chiropractor, but Dr. Craig put me at ease. I highly recommend his practice!

Car Accident Injury

I first came to see Dr. Craig after having been rear ended at a stop light. I was at a dead stop and didn't see it coming so I really got a good jolt. Two days after the accident, I knew I needed to see someone. I could barely turn my head from side to side and had severe pain from my neck all the way down to my lower back. I was having trouble sleeping and working 8 hours at a desk was very difficult.

I first saw my regular doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers so strong I couldn't take them during the day. I tried to ignore the problem but after a month of continued pain, I decided to seek alternative solutions. I had never been to a Chiropractor and was a little nervous. Turns out I had no reason to be. Dr. Craig is thorough, thoughtful and very patient. He explained everything that he was doing and why.

After our initial meeting, which lasted about an hour, Dr. Craig prescribed three sessions a week with him along with massage therapy twice a week. We started out slowly with a lot of work on the muscles surrounding my neck. Dr. Craig started with small adjustments in my lower back and upper neck. Over the next 3-4 weeks, I started feeling amazing improvements in my condition. I was able to turn my head from side to side and I was starting to feel almost normal. During the next month the frequency of our sessions went down and my condition continued to improve. All said and done I feel better than ever. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Craig for his treatment and recommend his services to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic treatment.

Shin Splint Injury

I began seeing Dr. Craig after I started getting shin splints. These injuries made it impossible to maintain my regular jogging routine. Until seeking treatment, I researched several shin splint avoidance and recovery methods online. While some of these brought temporary relief, none of them worked for long and it was looking like I would have to give up jogging. By the time I saw Dr. Craig, I could barely walk without pain. For our first sesssion, he treated me with a mixture of Ultrasound, Graston technique to break up and heal the scar tissue in my shins, and Post Isometric Relaxation. He also taught me a series of exercises to help prevent future shin splints. After one treatment, I was jogging without pain. Thanks to the exercises he taught me, I'm almost impervious to shin splints.

Foot Injury

I was first introduced to Alex when he was a student at the Chiropractic college. I had turned to chiropractic out of desperation, 4 months after a foot injury that the podiatrist I was referred to by my primary physician, did not know how to treat. I had to wait 6 weeks for the appointment, and when the x-rays were reviewed, the podiatrist suggested I try keeping all weight off of my foot for 90 days, after which the only other option if I was not healed, was to undergo surgery: remove the sesamoid bones and fuse my toes. A friend recommended that I call the Chiropractic college. I was very surprised and encouraged to find out what chiropractic could do for the foot.

Upon seeing my swollen, purple, bruised foot, Alex immediately began treatment with ultrasound and gentle manipulation. Alex not only treated me with compassion and care, but thoroughly researched my condition to completely understand my injury, and find other types of treatment that might be helpful. After just a few visits the swelling had dissipated, the bruising was healing, and I was able to be fitted for orthotics. Because of Alex's treatments I was finally improving after being on a knee scooter for over 2 months! I gradually started putting weight on my foot, and weaning off of the scooter. By wearing my orthotics everyday, doing exercises that Alex showed me, and continuing with office appointments for 3 months that followed a very detailed treatment plan created by Alex, I recovered completely! I was able to resume my normal job at work (requiring me to be on my feet 8 hours), able to walk normally without pain. Nine months after I started treatment with Alex, I walked through China for 2 weeks absolutely pain free. I shudder to think what my life would be like had I been convinced by Western Medicine that surgery was my only option, limiting my physical activity.

I continue to visit Alex, now in his private practice, to maintain my health, from my foot all the way up to my neck. He has helped me with trigger points in my shoulders and back, as well as range of motion in my neck. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex as a chiropractor -- he helped me get my life back!

Dizzy Symptoms

I had been experiencing dizziness, or vertigo, for a couple of weeks and had no idea what was causing it. The problem was unsettling as many times I shifted position from sitting to standing or lying to standing it felt like the room was spinning. I went to a medical doctor who could not diagnose the problem. The doctor suggested that it could be an inner-ear issue, perhaps a virus, but had no treatment for it. As the condition did not improve, I sought the help of Dr. Craig. He was familiar with the issue and told me he was aware of a couple of things he could try to help rid me of the vertigo. Dr. Craig had me follow some very simple movements for the inner ear. I am happy to say that after only two treatments my vertigo was gone and I have not experienced any problems with vertigo since.

Chronic Low Back Pain

I was suffering from extreme lower back pain, I missed a week of work, and even on the days I did go to work I was in a lot of pain and could barely move. I went to massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and went to my general practitioner who gave me very strong pain killers - but nothing helped. After three weeks of suffering with this problem I made an appointment with Dr. Craig, and I'm so glad that I did. During our first appointment he took a medical history and had me tell him about the problems I was having. He made a few adjustments that first day and I experienced immediate relief. After just that first appointment I stopped taking the pain killers that had been prescribed. I had several more appointments, roughly every 2-3 days for the next couple of weeks. I felt significantly better after each appointment and after a full course of treatment I am back to feeling like myself again. Dr. Craig has a lovely office with a very calming atmosphere. During each appointment he was always sure to explain exactly what he was doing and what each adjustment would do. He is very respectful of each individuals comfort level. I have recommended him to both my husband and one of my co-workers and they both had good experiences as well.

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